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Welcome to Dynamic Drilling Solutions Int'l Inc. - A Global Drilling Fluids Company for oil and natural gas.

Dynamic Drilling Solutions International, Inc. is an experienced U.S. manufacturer and leading  supplier of Barite 4.2 density,  for oil and natural gas, working in the United States and other countries. Around the world, we continue to provide the best service, chemicals, and technical support to set ourselves apart from other companies. With our hard work and dedication that is put towards our drilling solutions, we also put just as much into our customers. Drilling solutions have to be of high quality to help maximize productivity as well as maintain healthy wells levels, and reduce days to depth in the oil field.


Our high-quality work, products, and many years of experience have earned us an excellent reputation and a loyal client base. Here at Dynamic Drilling Solutions International Inc, we stand behind our people, our product, and the way we do business.


Our Mission:

We are a company that is proud to bring diversity to the oil and gas industry. With our qualified team of highly skilled professionals, our goal has remained the same which is to be the standard of Excellence. It is this continuity that allows us to consistently provide high-quality production and high-quality solutions to our devoted clients world wide . Let Dynamic Drilling Solutions International, Inc. help maximize your production and make your experience with us outstanding.


 We are a company that is proud to bring diversity to the oil and gas industry. MIS